What is the best quickest way to do a spell check on a text area box?

I don’t know just how to ask this question so please take that into account when reading this question.

I want to do a spell check on the text I type into a text area box. How do I do this?

Is there a spell check program out there that I could access via clipboard?? (It would have to be quick).

I can copy the text to the clip board and then open a word processor and drop the text into it. But it seems awfully slow and cumbersome.

Is there a better way to do it?

Any help would be appreciated as my spelling is very, very, very bad.
Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure about Windows, but in Cocoa in OS X, it’s automatic. In fact, you have to turn spell check off for the control if you don’t want it.

I assume you are on a Windows machine because, if you were using a Mac, you’d already have Spell Check. Are you talking then, about just your own use in MSWord and such, or for within your programs you write. If within your coded programs, I have a suggestion

http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bks-spell-checker-plugin-for-xojo/ uses the native spell checker in Mac OS X and on Windows 8 and above. You also have the option of using Hunspell dictionaries in any Mac or Windows target (basically Windows 7 at this point). While I haven’t specifically tested against the clipboard I have no doubt that it couldn’t be done.

Thanks for the answer about the plug in but the 100 dollars is a problem That is why I’m still running Real Basic.

The thing that interests me in your reply is the native spell checker on windows 8 above I’m running windows 10. How do I find out more information about this?

As I would like to have the spell checker available to my real basic program so that it automatically check the spelling as I type or I can click a button and it will check the text in the box.


PS I seem to have lost Roger Clary’s suggestion or more like it was over my head LOL


@Michel Bujardet

Any information on how to implement this in Xojo?

It should be a rather simple declare. I will see if I can find the time to do it.

Well, no so simple. The spell checking API of Windows 8-10 works only with .Net controls apparently.

That was what I thought but wanted to be proven wrong.

Next question. It’s not easy/possible to use a .net control in Xojo, is it?

The only way I know how is to use a .Net DLL. But maybe our plugin geniuses have done it.

I think that might be above my level of knowledge…

Spellcheck is automatic now? no plugin needed for XOJO? i was using MagicSpeller before and it is pretty weak. Need a new solution.

Xojo does not include a spell checker.

Edit: (except for Mac - see below).

TextArea.AutomaticallyCheckSpelling enables spell checking for Mac apps. For Windows/Linux you’ll still need another solution.

thanks! i’ll check that out.