What is "text point size zero" based on?

I’m using WIN7.

I take it that the standard point size “0” set in the Xojo IDE means the default. This is what is used for labels and text boxes etc.
In my case that means 12pt Segoe UI.

So, what is this default? Is it the default that the user can set in the control panel of WIN7?

If so, then I ask, If the user sets their default system font to 24pt comic sans in the control panel, and that becomes the default font and size in Xojo then everything that I’ve defined as 18pt for a heading would look smaller.

Therefore, is there a way to set the system font and standard size at the beginning of the program, ie. to interrogate the system, and use 12pt Segoe UI as my default font, and if not found then fallback to Arial etc. Sort of like one would do with html/css.

I don’t know the direct answer to the first part of the question, but I’m sure there are declares that would let you discover default font/size.

But if you spend your time protecting users from their own… shall we say, interesting choices, you’re going to be chasing an endless goal. I recommend instead:

  • Make your controls large enough to handle reasonable sizes. If the user chooses something else, yours won’t be the only app to make them pay for it.
  • Don’t use the native controls directly. Instead, subclass them and use those instead. In the future, if you want to make a global change in, say, how a “bad” font/size is handled, you will only need to change the subclass.

The second recommendation will emulate, more or less, the options CSS gives you in HTML.

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I agree with Kem.
Moreover, a program deciding to override my default choice about fonts would upset me, and I’m sure many other users.

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