what is Bundle Identifier?

How do I create a Bundle Identifier? I’ve a desktop app and want to change it from carbon to cocoa, but I need a Bundle ID. Is that the name of the app or something else? I don’t have a domain name as the Fundamentals Book suggest, as it’s a desktop app.

Make something up, it doesn’t matter. Just start it with com... For example, I use com.mactechnologies. for all of my apps. In your case, assuming you are an individual developer, you could use com.arthurgabhart..

You create that with simple rules. A bundle starts in general by com, followed by a company name or whatever your favorite name is, followed by the program name.

For instance com.bunnyrabbit.carrotmaker

where ‘bunnyrabbit’ is the name you decide to use for your software house (can be your own name), and ‘carrotmaker’ is the name of that particular desktop program.

Basically, take whatever your domain name is, reverse the components, and tack on the application name. For example, we use com.xojo.xojo and com.xojo.feedback.

Note that there are some restrictions on what makes a valid bundle identifier:

Thanks. I thought they wanted web site. I also thought com would be for Windows.