What is a sqlite view ?

That is the question I ask google to return me answers…

After a bunch of result pages, I close the Google Tab and get back here.

As far as I saw, all found pages returned (ore or less) what can be found sql_view.

What is my understanding of the concept ?

One will create a view asking for specific data and then poll that Table instead of the larger (or far larger) data base file.

The main purpose seems to be a gain of speed.

Am I right ?

As an example, you have a products data base that holds information about all products your company sold in its half a century life: 50,000 part numbers.

You can get a View for all current products (products actually on sale, actually: 500 different part numbers) and work only on the returned Table.

Lets say you have a query that you want to use over and over again.
Lets say it is a query with joins.
A view lets you store the query and use it instead.
The awesome thing is, the view itself acts like a table itself, so you can join it with other tables and other queries.

If you do

… you then can subsequently use the virtual table called myViewName like that:

SELECT * FROM myViewName

Note that data will always be up-to-date.

But bear in mind that a VIEW has the exact same performance overhead as the QUERY contained within the view.
A VIEW takes up no database space to speak of (the space is taken up already by what ever tables are refernence in the VIEW).

This is NOT to be confused with the benefits of a MATERIALIZED VIEW (not supported by SQLIte, but found in DB’s such as ORACLE)