What is a minimum IDE version ?

in API2 - I want to saveAs an application and get the message “Are you sure you want to change the saved projects minimum IDE version ?”
After clicking ‘Yes’ it saves the application, all is fine

The minimum IDE version is the oldest IDE that can open this project.

Thanks Wayne, but it does not mean anything to me …

For years the minimum IDE version was 20070100 or 2007R1, so any version of the IDE from 2007 onwards could open that project. API 2 the minimum IDE version became 20190200 or 2019R2 (which has been withdrawn, so 2019R2.1).

What this means is that if you try to open your project with 2019R1.1 there’ll be a complaint by the IDE. It’s a protection mechanism to stop older IDE’s from corrupting your project because the structure has changed.

This means that after saving your project there is no turning back to an older version of Xojo.

This means they should have used more user friendly language in their message and given the option to save as without upgrading…