What have you done on iOS?

Just a little fun thread to show what you’ve done so far in iOS :slight_smile:

To learn iOS in Xojo I’ve created a simple app to Activate/Deactivate a Chuango G5 Alarm.
They already have an app for this but I though it might be a good learning app!
Some declares are used found here on the forums.

Here’s a screen capture of it :slight_smile:

Albin - I never knew you had such a deep voice :slight_smile:

Richard, I think you’re “hearing voices” again. Get back on your meds! ^^

Haha! I actually thought I had recorded my fancy voice by mistake!
Richard! Do as Don says! :wink:

I’ll be ok (soon) :frowning:

You’re ok like you are now :slight_smile:

That’s what all my helpers say :slight_smile: