What has changed between 2020r21 and 2021r1 for webpage.show?

Hi everyone,

I have a small project that shows a webpage using mywebpage.show in a button.
works fine in 2020r21, and seems to hang (or quit without really quitting) in 2021r1
this page has some websdkuicontrols on it

any idea what can cause this ?


Probably a 2021r1 bug, or presence of some hack that worked before and no more.

Can you make a minimal reproducible case and submit it as bug report?

There’s nothing specific to Show, but we did extensive work on the Tab engine to get rid of some edge cases. Sounds like maybe we created a new one?

A bug report with a sample would be helpful.

seems to have to do with my websdkuicontrols. if there are any on the webpage, it hangs into the debugger and you are nowhere. tried to do an autotab but it is the same.
if I remove all the websdkuicontrols, the webpage is shown correctly.
I tried with the last beta and it is still there.

So, may be :

I’m afraid that in some circumstances people mess with the DOM and events in a such way they can confuse the Xojo engine and their tracking of states and logic when Xojo changes something. Maybe you touched some of those places…

did something change in the way we need to handle websdkuicontrols between 2020r21 and 2021r1 ?

Create a minimal test app showing the problem, submit it to Feedback, and let Greg inspect it.

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