What happens with XOJO Android? Nothing in XOJO Blog - sad

i am waiting for the loooong time announced Android Support of XOJO.
I like the XOJO Blog, but there is since end of 2021 silence about Android. Alpha Testing… not more.

Any news (perhaps) from alpha testers?
Or can it be that new platform is too much work for the XOJOA team?
No prob if they had to stop, freeze their android project but no android roadmap, only silence?! I really don’t like.
I will NOT buy new Xojo Version without knowing Andriod support comes within a few months!

Android is currently in testing. If you wish to try it, send an email to hello@xojo.com and request to join the testers group.

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Would be great some test (sure, only positive :slight_smile: ) reports would be in the XOJO blog. At least every 1-2 months so questions like i did are not necessary.

Next update is probably in two weeks at the conference.


Xojo for Android?
No thank you.!!!
I prefer Developers to focus Xojo in mac and windows than make an incomplete multiplatform application.
Xojo is still in development and far for being perfect after 10 years of developing…
Floating windows need to be perfect instead of single programmers searching for a solution…


Yes it “is in testing now”, but that is true since 2021… The testing phase feels more like another marketing stunt.

if we look at the new features, it is pretty common to have to wait a few releases to be somewhat stable. so, dont hold your breath and if the only reasson to renew is android, wait for an ACTUAL release and test if it is really usable before any purchase.

Im still waiting for a web2 release with less bugs and a couple of “deffered” features still not implemented to update.

Emphesize is mine.

This looks like like “damn if they do, damn if they don’t”.

Some complain that new features are published half baked. Xojo on Android is a large project, and this time developers are invited to comment and test way before a first release.

Shouldn’t we say bravo Xojo ?


For a thorough test, sure.

For the “it is near / it is now testing” as a sales pitch, NO. Implying that Android could be included in a future release covered by a licence purchased now (but without any waranty) is not the most honest sales pitch.

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We do not live in a perfect world neither Xojo is perfect application (it still needs a lot of time and code for perfection…) Only God is perfect.!!!

And Xojo is the son of a 15 years software, before that…

So, these guys are in this business since 1997…

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Android has proved to be an expensive undertaking for Xojo.
(iOS people were hoping it would be ‘write for iOS, build again for Android’, but that turned out not to be possible. It was announced as a new target for 2017 , I’m pretty sure.)

The pre-release version works now.
It can compile shippable apps now, as far as I can tell.
But there are many things Android can do that aren’t part of the Xojo implementation yet.

The conference will likely bring more timely news: in Xojo’s shoes I would definitely reserve any announcements for such an event.

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Android is a total mess so not surprising to see that the project is very slow. Outdated technologies, unsafe, Android should not even exists. :slight_smile: I will personally never build apps for Android as it will be launch and pray it will work. Too many devices, too many versions of Android. The original is always better than the copy.

On the contrary, while an iOS user myself, my view is that having both pushes each to add new features. I have little doubt iOS would not be as feature rich as it is now had competition not existed.

Does it make it more messy for developers? Absolutely, especially if targeting a global market where iOS has less market penetration.

You should do more research before posting such statements


Incompetence to make a good app is not OS fault.

Android has better compatibility features, and the developpers can decide in what devices can or cannot run the app.

which one?
Symbian (1997)?
Windows Mobile (2000)?
Android Inc (2003)?,
ios (2007) with elements of the other 3?

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I don’t care about unfounded opinions, I just like numbers and facts when analyzing if something is relevant or not.

Why one vs another without “this OS should not exist because I prefer another one”:


Graph like this does not say much though…

Yes the graph is true…

But it tells you absolutely nothing about your potential market.

I worked in the mobile app industry for a while, and its very hard to sell much of anything to Android user. And then you can take android users in the 3rd world thats even more impossible to sell anything to those, in such places iOS often will hardly exist since its more costly.

If you go for industry’s then its usually same story for different reasons. Retail then its hard to get any android customers since the stores buy iPads to look better ? or for reliability ? who knows but we could not sell anything in that sector on Android. Goes like that on most of the sectors.

So yes the graph is correct but it does not show willingness to buy apps or service, that part is very different story.

From the sectors I have worked in then Android is almost worthless market. (though I am sure there are some sectors where it can be profitable, I just don’t know where)


Google is cheating as always. These numbers includes all Android devices, not just smartphones even the devices without app store. So yes, worldwide it’s a success because people cannot afford an iPhone or even buy one. USA is more relevant with 50/50 market share. Young people are preferring iPhone as a huge majority. They are future buyers. in France, Apple went from 10% market share to 45% in few years. Anyway, I’m testing Android and iOS all the time. Java is crap, old language very slow. It took 5 years for Google to copy Apple Core Animation frameworks, ridiculous. Finally Android 12 reached iOS level but what a long time. When the foundations are wrong, you cannot innovate fast.

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Björn is right. Android is dominant but who is making money. iOS developers ! why? innovative apps can be build 3 times faster on iOS. Most people on Android don’t even know where to get apps and to use their device (reality check). Plus, most apps are badly designed as the UI kit of Android is a mess, they change direction every year just to copy Apple more and more. Security on Android: Zero level as apps are not verified by Google. Only when someone detect an issue :slight_smile: very bad policy. automated testing is always failing.

A good reminder of Android mess. STOP Buying ANDROID TV Boxes! - YouTube
btw, this is the kind of device counted in fake stats.

As always and I’m not surprised, most developers still don’t understand what is a good user experience and why it’s the key of success for any app or platform. :slight_smile: Engineers focus on technology but it’s secondary, it’s behind. It has to be good too, modern and not legacy. Java is pure example of legacy stuff. Android 12 is good, very good in terms of UI/UX but it’s just a good copy of iOS. :slight_smile: