What happens to xDev ?

I do not saw any [ANN] for xDev 15.3 (May/June 2017: Xojo Beginner’s Guide) here.

A search for xDev on www.xojo.com leads to no entry.

Que pasa ?

XDev is not a product of Xojo, you’ll have to talk to Marc Zeedar about that.


And I am trying to get in touch with @Marc Zeedar for two weeks already. Hope he is doing well, but don’t know since I did not get a response where he’s normally quite quick.
Hello Marc, if you read this, please give a sign.

Ok. I take a different point of view.

I was able to read in this Forum [ANN] for 15.1 and 15.2; 15.3 never comes here.

Also, it tooks me around one month and a visit to MBS blog (he was in Berlin ? days ago ?) to realize that, thus my question.

As usual, nothing offensive, just curious.

Well, he could be on vacation and not read the forum daily.

i know Marc is going around a few place in Germany with his friend after the berlin conference

Here are the xDev URLs for the latest info:



Last signal I got from him was after he returned home and woke up after having 2 days of sleep.

Joost, 2 days of sleep all at once?? must be so tired…

Hi all! Yes, I’m back home. I spent an extra week in Europe after the Xojo conference, caught a cold, and slept for a few days when I got back. Then I had another trip (short) and a few other things going on.

But as far as I know, I’m still here and have answered all emails I have received.

I’m not quite sure what the OP was wanting: I’m guessing he was maybe saying he hadn’t received the latest issue (15.3). If so, I’ll email him directly.

If anyone else wishes to get a hold of me, my email is publisher @ xdevmag.com – I don’t visit the forums every day so it’s not the best place for quick responses.

WHAT ?!?!?!?!?
OMG … you have a life outside the forums ?

I was wanting to know what happens since I just realized that I do not saw the [ANN] for xDev 15.3, after reading in MBS blog that [ANN].

Nothing else. And I already stated that I was just curious to know what happens.

Am I alone in this case ?

There may be others but you’re the only one that asked that question here

The announcement was made on the Forums and on the xDev Magazine website. The new issue was release on May 1st.

If you’re wanting to read a copy, you can get it at http://gum.co/XQGSJf or subscribe at http://www.xdevmag.com/orders.shtml