What happened to the auto comment?

I’m not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me, but I recall being able to click the comment button to comment out code, and then being able to click it again to un-comment the code. The new IDE seems to have lost the ability to un-comment. Am I remembering correctly? Has anyone else noticed this?

You still can, from the Edit menu. Select the code to be commented and it will apply the comments. If already commented, it will uncomment.

Jim Wagner

Works for me. [CMD]+[’] on a Mac

Just had another play… it appears that the comment button no longer un-comments the code. Using the menu or shortcut works fine.

The comment button works for me, but only if I deselect the text then reselect it. If I leave it selected and press the button again, it double-comments it. OSX 10.9.1, Xojo 2013r4.1

On what platform? The comment icon works more reliably for me on my Mac using Xojo to both comment and uncomment that it ever did with RS/RB.

I’m using Xojo 2013r4.1 on Mavericks 10.9.1

Yep, that’s the way it seems to work on Windows 7 also.