What happened to LightScribe technology (and WHY ?)

I was looking for lightscribe burners and I couldnt find them anywhere, so I ended up on Wikipedia and discovered that all burner manufacturers stopped using litescribe tecnology all toghere on 2013 and this technology disappeared completely frome the face of earth
but why ?

Still a lot of drives and DVDs available on Amazon (checked both the German and US store) so I have no idea where you looked.

As to why? Less and less people are using DVDs. Printers have acquired the capability to print colour onto DVDs.

That’s how it goes … seen any floppies around lately? Zip drives? Jaz drives? etc etc

Markus, I will teleport to your location… NOW. Beam me up Scotty!!!

We’ve got two Iomega Zip Drives collecting dust in the dark at work :wink:

hmmm… I was going to ask to borrow this… but all I have are floppies :confused:

hmmm… I was going to ask to borrow your floppies… but all I have are punch-cards :frowning:

The floppy ones or that new-fangled 3.5 in type? :wink:

I have boxes of 44MB Syquest cartridges if anyone needs any… :slight_smile:

Everything’s relative, Markus … you ought to see my Radio Shack audio cassette tape recorder that was hooked up to my Apple IIc to save the programs I wrote on that whopping 32 kB ‘powerhouse’ of a machine (note, that was the 1st upgrade from the original 16 kB machine) back in the real early 1970’s. Those floppies were a technological “marvel” in comparison!

Now … if I could just find that RF Modulator to hook it up to the antenna on my TV, I could see … ^^