What happened to Excel ?

I downloaded 2015 2.3 and now Excel does not work in 2015 2.3 or any previous version of Xojo.

I have put MSOfficeAutomation.rbx in the plugins folder. I am working on Windows. My windows app has always worked previously, until I downloaded 2015 2.3

Should have added the code:

dim Excel as ExcelApplication
Dim Book as ExcelWorkbook
Excel = new ExcelApplication
if Excel.ActiveWorkbook = “” then
Book = Excel.Workbooks.Add
Book = Excel.ActiveWorkbook
end if

now gives a nil object exception at “if Excel.ActiveWorkbook = “” then”

Ok . . . It seems to be random. All of a sudden it’s working again.

or use MBS XL Plugin to read/write excel files without excel.

Handy for creating these files async on a server and provide via hyperlink.