What gives you your sense of satisfaction/achievement?

Is it coding? is it something else?

Personally coding is ok for me at the moment, and it doesn’t matter if I’m good at it or not.

What about you? What do you do apart from coding? other interests.

Coding is not my job. I work in a printing company that has seen a decline over many years - very boring but makes my living. I get my kicks out of using my brains (coding - or trying to). The “creative” side of my brain enjoys coding from the UI point of view.

I enjoy experimenting with pyrotechnics, solving puzzles, playing guitar, good wine, good food,… sometimes all at the same time. :slight_smile:

What are the other interests that you have?

Fixing problems.
(My code always keeps me busy, but fixing a problem of any kind that someone else has given up on, is the best…)
Second: sawing up lumps of wood.
Making decking and sheds is a welcome change from screen staring.

“Fixing Problems” yeah, I can relate to that.

Maybe that is a problem I have. Coding fulfils that need for me at this point (as a hobby). My day job in the printing company I work for is about fixing “other” peoples problems, and I’m almost done with it.

What sort of music do you get into? if you like that sort of thing.

Providing a solution to a business problem. Designing the solution, then implementing it (or making sure someone better than me does the coding). Then, watching the solution in action.

I am a short track speed skating official. From September to April, that keeps me quite busy.

Music: everything from Goodwyn to ACDC to ZZ Top to Bach to Green Day to Ibert. Good stuff of all genres.

A happy client.


Yes Bob, and I do know your significance on this forum, and may well do some tutorials in the future. But that was not the question. Take a deep breath and just say what would “really” give you as buzz.

So while my reply is snarky it encompasses many things. A happy client means that I’ve solved their problem and they’re making money. A happy client means they value my opinion on the direction of their product(s). And better yet, they’ll come back for more work. That solves a HUGE problem for us: finding new clients. Since we already have a happy client we don’t have to hustle (as much) to find another to keep our multiple developers happy.

Bob, Your reply wasn’t “snarky” to me.

A happy client does not always mean a happy Bob.

My garden (https://trixiwillius.deviantart.com/gallery/63795233/Garden-2017), the “herd” of Siamese cats (https://trixiwillius.deviantart.com/gallery/63794713/Cats-2017) and my fractal art (https://trixiwillius.deviantart.com/gallery/65261916/JWildfire-2018).

At the moment I’ve got 12 metric tons of grit on the parking space. It will give me intense satisfaction when the stuff is in the garden.

[quote=381888:@Beatrix Willius]My garden (https://trixiwillius.deviantart.com/gallery/63795233/Garden-2017), the “herd” of Siamese cats (https://trixiwillius.deviantart.com/gallery/63794713/Cats-2017) and my fractal art (https://trixiwillius.deviantart.com/gallery/65261916/JWildfire-2018).

At the moment I’ve got 12 metric tons of grit on the parking space. It will give me intense satisfaction when the stuff is in the garden.[/quote]
wish I had those abilities… :slight_smile:
the soil here is terrible… cannot grow a lawn to save my life… but weeds seem to thrive :frowning:
not a cat person, but have fostered/adopted basset hounds for 40 years
here is our latest… Abby

Cats / Dogs. I do love those burmese looking cats. Simply Beautiful.

But cats are too much smart-arse individuals. I do prefer dogs. I Like Labradors, love beagles. I can’t have animals where I live. Such is the shice of renting.

I wish I could have a dog where I live, and my kids understand something. But I won’t have a dog and leave it at home by it self.

I do absolutely love that picture Dave. Cats are a waste of space and incidental to the whole scheme of life :slight_smile:

Yes. When I know that I have fully understood their problem and have crafted an elegant solution that makes them more productive and profitable. There is no finer feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I’m in the “happy client” camp as well, but would further qualify that with “appreciative”. Appreciation for the miracles I work is almost as important to me as the pay. A client who takes your work for granted and thinks they could easily get the same done elsewhere doesn’t yield much joy.

A close second for me is a good kill shot in racquetball :slight_smile:

Ideas and first steps of a new projects…
Implementing new features (from an idea to the fully functional new feature).

Am I a starter ?

Ending a priject (the final construction of an application) is a pain process… for me :frowning:

Yes, that moment when the low-level stuff has all been implemented and the pieces start working together :slight_smile:

Discovering a truth and seeing all the pieces fall into place, finally making sense.

When someone ‘gets it’, meaning completely understands a concept or idea.

Much of my professional life is with difficult topics and usually falls in the category of ‘this has never been done before - can you fix it?’. Part of my work is with wells and caverns that are literally kilometers below the earth’s surface, and I use Xojo to visually create interactive situations (OpenGL, Canvas, etc.).

With the strong success that I have had with visualization, the next step I have been asked is to create these visualizations with HTC VIVE. The purpose is to allow the user to interact with situations that can’t physically happen in the real world. LOL, it would be nice to remove my eyeballs and teleport them a few miles below the Earth to see the issue in real time and have an accompanying student or colleague. The second best option is to use the VIVE. :slight_smile:

Watching a manager, client, or student ‘get’ the concept of an idea, or the solution to a problem gives me the sense of satisfaction and achievement :slight_smile:

One of my favorite sayings is: ‘I can explain it for you but I can’t understand it for you!’

Inventing products/solutions that solve problems and that holds enough value for others to want to happily purchase.

Building stuff with my hands! Doesn’t matter what it is but I love using my hands for something else than tapping on keys.
Designing for 3D printing combined with some electronics(sensors, Pi’s and micro controllers) are also things I do when I get the time :slight_smile:
My little 14 month old son takes most of my time right now though, and I love it!