What features require 10.7 in Xojo r4?

I want to release a bugfix update of iClip, which is still supposed to work in 10.6.8.

However, when built with Xojo r4, 10.7 is the default minimum OS version.

I wonder if I can modify the min value to 10.6 if I don’t use any operations that require 10.7.

Is there some information from Xojo which operations require 10.7, or does someone else know, maybe from trying out what doesn’t work any more in 10.6?

You won’t have any luck modifying the plist to try to get it to run on an older OS. There are several things that require 10.7, like using AVFoundation to play sounds instead of using the old QuickTime C APIs.

Right, but I do not use Xojo’s Sounds, so why would this be a problem?

Oh, I see: rbframework links to binaries that are not part of 10.6.

Correct. It’s also compiled with a deployment target of 10.7 and uses libc++, both of which alter the code that the C++ compiler generates and the resulting framework is absolutely incompatible with 10.6.

You wrote iClip?!? I’ve been using it since its original release and love it, thank you!

BTW I am one of those 10.6.8 users, holding out as long as I possibly can against the Lion family’s dumbed-down and ever-more-bloated feature set :frowning: I suspect the same is true of a lot of my customers as well. My app is “commercial” in that it’s a utility for configuring commercial hardware, but it’s not distributed via the app store. I’m not going to alienate a big part of my user base by removing 10.6 support so I guess I’ll be stuck with 3.3 (or RealStudio, whose IDE I greatly prefer) for a while to come.

Julia, no, I did not write iClip originally, but I took over since version 5.

I will have to use Xojo r4 to be able to update iClip in the App Store, but will keep using r3 for building the “indie” version so that it still runs on 10.6.8.