What does this mean???

Hello all.

While performing a analyize project check, I got this error message box. What does it mean? How to fix?

If this is somthing that I included or a plugin, how to know where? I don’t know how to do a web control wrapper - at least purposefully - but you never know.

Thanks in advance!

It means that you need to have more descriptive thread titles, e.g.

What does error “This constant shadows one already defined by WebControlWrapper” mean?


It means you defined a constant with the same name as one in the class’s super class

This can also happen with properties

It’s nice to get a warning like this as these cause weird behavior and are difficult to trouble-shoot

Thanks everyone.
@Steve - Never got a warning or error at compile time, only during this check…
But a warning for that, and other stuff would be very helpful!

Thanks guys!