What does the "Build" feature do?

I’m able to compile my code using the “Run” feature. I don’t have access to the “Build” feature since I have the free version of Xojo. What does the “Build” feature do?

Creates an executable that can be run outside of the IDE. Since you don’t have a license you can’t ‘build’ an executable - only a debug version that can only be run through the IDE.

The Build feature creates an app that you can easily distribute for others to use (for free or to sell).

With a Desktop license, you can create a stand-alone application for Windows, OS X and/or Linux.

With a Web license, you can create stand-alone or CGI web applications that you can deploy on Linux, Windows and OS X servers.

With a Console license, you can create stand-alone command-line (including service and daemon) applications for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Doesn’t the free version display a dialog with this info when clicking Build (along with links to the Xojo store)? Or is the Build button not even enabled?