What does SQLDatabaseMBS.Option("AutoCache") = "true" do?

In the recent MBS SQL plugin release notes it says you now have the option to set an auto cache:

tempSQLDatabaseMBS.Option("AutoCache") = "true"

What does this do? Does it cache the RecordSet to disk rather than RAM so we can retrieve massive RecordSets without fear of using up all the RAM? Does it remove the need for …Option(“PreFetchRows”) = “1000” which allowed us to bring down the data in chunks?

The web page http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.net/sql-sqldatabasembs-method.shtml#5 doesn’t give an explanation.

We got a new method “Cache” in SQLCommandMBS.
It reads the result set in memory and stores it in RAM.

If AutoCache is set to true, the plugin will cache all result sets automatically.

PreFetchRows is still a good thing.

I added it for one client which needs always to move forward/backward within recordset independent of whether the underlaying database supports it.

I have two RecordSets that are problematic for my Backup application. One where I need to download a few records with BLOB fields that contain huge (80M) fields, so downloading the full table exceeds RAM. The other is where I have small fields but 120+M records. I often run out of RAM as a 32-bit app, and even as a 64-bit app (backup Mac has 16 GB RAM).

Will AutoCache help either of these?

I don’t think so.
Better process row by row with a matching prefetch.

OK, thank you.