What does MobileTable Allow Search do?

I can use the MobileTable Allow Refresh, but I can’t see what Allow Search does. Plus there seem to be no examples.

The documentation says ‘Pull down on the table at runtime to display the search field’. If I turn off Allow Refresh (also launched by pulling down) and turn on Allow Search, run, and pull down, nothing appears! Also the SearchChanged Event is never called.

Can someone tell me what I’m missing?

Stupid question: did you populate the table with section and rows?

When I first tried the AllowSearch it would not show correctly when the table was empty.

Yes! Usually one Section and multiple Rows as CustomCells.

Is a search TextField supposed to appear?

Does your MobileScreen have a navigation bar?
The search textfield is tied to the navigation bar, so HasNavigationBar must be set to True.

I just tried another table with plain text and icons, but no search field appeared here either.

The first table was linked to a String array datasource, the second is plain text rows (no datasource).

Has Navigation Bar is on for all my windows

OK, it is appearing now! Thank you.

But the Search field is not appearing when the MobileTable is on a Container on the Screen. Hmmmm…

  1. Set the Table to have public scope
  2. Create an Opening event on the Container on the Screen, with:
    Me.Table1.AllowSearch = true

That should solve it, and the SearchChanged event will also fire.

Thanks @Gavin_Smith that worked, but I was able to set it within the Container’s Open event.

I also have noted that it is now the MobileTable itself that needs to be dragged down for the Search field to appear, but the Screen itself, or the lowest item on the Screen.

My MobileTable was at the top of the Screen and stretching it down wasn’t working, but when I dragged the HTMLViewer below this down, the Search field appeared.