What does: LockedIDEPosition

Can anybody tell me what the property LockedIDEPosition does?
I searched for it in the help window and in the user guide (book 1,2,3 and 4).
Except of one conversion in this forum I found nothing about it.

Its internal and its a bug which has been fixed in r2.1.

ah ok!

At this moment R2.1 isn’t available yet.
I have the Windows build 2014R2.0.25415. it seems to be last (non testing) release, or am I wrong?

2.1 is scheduled for release sometime this week. Assuming nothing goes wrong. :wink:

Interesting… where I am right now it is 9:30pm on Aug 11… but the release history shows R2.1 was released already on Aug 12… but the actual download is still R2 :slight_smile:

12 augustus is today in Europe! Now 06:37 in the early morning.
So maybe we can expect the new version later today. With some jetlag :slight_smile:

I think Stephan does the release, and he’s in France. Give it just a little bit of time for the caches to refresh.

Releases are typically done between 8 and 9am central time, so we can all be online when it does.

For what its worth, the bug only manifests in binary web projects. If you save in text format, it doesnt do that.