What do you use for help docs?

I want to put the help for my app online in a searchable faq.

Hi Stephen,

I’m considering DokuWiki for the documentation of my apps / projects: https://www.dokuwiki.org

It offers easy integration, changes control, diffs, doesn’t requires a database and is fast and lightweight enough.

Hope it helps!


With Rapidweaver I can make an online version of my manual and an offline version for the app. Nowadays, I even have a simple Xojo project to download everything and make a simple PDF of the manual website.


From a single source you can export to CHM, RTF, PDF and online

[quote=452457:@Ivan Tellez]https://www.drexplain.com/

From a single source you can export to CHM, RTF, PDF and online[/quote]

Unfortunately, it’s Windows only…:frowning:

If you have a Windows license, you can install it using VirtualBox…

Also, you can create the rtf files using a word processor (LibreOffice is free, but not alone), you can generate pdf from there.

We also have an old project (an old RB project we learn about some days ago) that translate a styled text into html…

The only draw back is time and knowledge. For time, we can nothing, but for knowledge: ask the forum for help (look there: https://www.w3schools.com/ for html, css, JavaScript, JSON, XML etc. they even have sql there).