What do you call the slide out thing - A drawer?

Hello all,

I am not sure of the correct name, but I have heard it called a ‘Drawer’. I’m thinking of the object that pulls out from the right or left side of the screen and can hold other objects.

Does Xojo have one of these or can anyone tell me where to get one or how to make one?


Sidebar (sidebar menu, collapsible sidebar, drawer)


No, these things are called drawers. They fell out of fashion a couple of years ago. Not possible with Xojo.

Edit: sorry, I didn’t see that the question was for Web.

Maybe this is what you want? Offcanvas: Offcanvas · Bootstrap v5.3

or Bootstrap Drawer

I guess someone with WebSDK experience can create one for this.

As said, a retractile sidebar is.

Yep. That’s a way of implementing it by yourself before the Xojo component being added to the toolset.


I suspect the sidebar on Xojo’s roadmap is actually a source list, because that’s not a common design in desktop projects.

GraffitiSuite Web Edition has GraffitiSidebar, among many other useful components.


Of the past. Currently, it is, because some interfaces are much like a web/mobile counterpart. So there’s a “burguer” button somewhere and the bar pops up or hides pressing it.
In WinUI 3, such kind of sidebar control is called NavigationView


Still not common. They are bad UI design choices that we have to suffer on mobile because there just isn’t enough horizontal space. They hide options that should be more discoverable. There is no good reason to use one on desktop. The WinUI NavigationView is closer to a source list, just with a narrow display mode. It doesn’t hide completely, so it’s not really the same thing. But we’re splitting hairs.

It’d just surprise me if Xojo were to add something that no desktop project should need before adding one that even their own IDE uses. Source lists are common. Apple Mail, Music, Finder, Photos, Windows Explorer, Settings, and Mail.

If you want an “offcanvas” you use a container control. My app used to use a design like that. It was a bad design. If you want a source list, you customize the hell out of a list box.

But anyway, we just don’t know what Xojo has planned for that. Names are funny. Maybe sidebar means source list. Maybe sidebar means offcanvas. Maybe it means something else entirely.

The Sidebar control for Web will be something based on their examples:

The other Bootstrap control mentioned by @AlbertoD, Offcanvas, isn’t planned to be included at the moment.

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But we’re talking about the “Sidebar control for Desktop apps” on the roadmap.

We are talking about Sidebars. The OP interest is Web.

The roadmap listed them isolating them with “for Desktop” I don’t know why.
Maybe the first one to go? Sidebars are a feature for Web, Desktop and Mobile.

The problem I see is that Sidebars in Bootstrap 5 are built using OffCanvas or NavBar (also offcanvas), so when you start the research you will end needing touching it.

We’re trying to work in sync as much as possible. Unless something unexpected happens, Popovers will appear in Desktop and Web at the same time. The same will happen with Sidebars, I’ll ask to update the Roadmap.

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I always wonder how such features come on the roadmap and serious features do not ever come to the roadmap.

I don’t believe such sidebar will be worth the time spend on it…

Those are just highlighted features. In 2023r3 we’ve highlighted Zip, but we’ve shipped 45 Feature Requests in total in this release.

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Thanks to all who have responded. I look forward to trying this feature Ricardo as soon as it is available to test.


Sidebar for web is a critical feature that will make XOJO Web 2.0 complete.
Currently , you either have to roll up one on your own or buy the commercial plugins.
The lack of inherent capability to provide side menus via sidebar cripples XOJO Web application.
Let the critical features be all provided by XOJO.
The extra ones can be provided by commercial plug-ins.

While a sidebar control arrives, here is a tutorial for creating a custom one:

Using the same trick for transitioning the active link indicator, I think you can build your own Offcanvas/Drawer/Sidebar.

Instead of “top”, the transition needs to be on “left”.