What do I need to use Xojo WEB2?

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First of all, Control arrays. Tools should evolve to use LESS code, but now if I want to have 20 container controls in a page, I have to put code in 20 events instead of a single one. Add them with code at run time and use AddHandler? Why should I buy a tool with a “visual designer” then?


Fix the unusable controls and add the basic missing functionality:

The pagination control is currently useless:

Also “numeric” text fields

Users unable to scroll on touch devices when using images in the page

Fix basic behavior in controls:
For me, it is a show stoper to release a webapp looking like this to the end user.
Contextual menus not closing

Backdrops not covering what they should

Dialogs in the wrong position

Add consistency to the elements using the correct HTML tags

For some apps is importat that the end user have a responsive app and to avoid double or more events fire because an unresponsive app.
Fix the long standing problem with xojo feeling unresponsive and firing multiple events when the user clicks something many times because there is not a inmediate action feedback

The many other bugs are not that showstoppers but xojo needs to keep up with bugs.

If you point to a single method with addhandler, you get pretty much the same as a control set. You do need to set the index for each control, to get the same kind of flexibility as a control set.

Sure, it is not perfect, but it is a nice workaround.