What DB's and software to work with same?


I was just thinking / wondering. What DB’s and interfaces / software are there to work with popular DB’s such as Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, etc, using a Mac? Are there plenty of the same? I ask because I’m considering if I want to use a Mac or a PC to do dev work in before I buy a license using Xojo.

Thanks so much…

The majority of my commercial work is vertical database apps for Windows clients hitting MSSQL servers. I do all the development work on my Mac. For MSSQL specifically, I’d strongly recommend using the MBS SQL plugin. I’ve tried using both Xojo’s native ODBC client (with decent success but no advanced feature support), and their native MSSQL plugin (very poor experience).

Without the MBS plugin, on a Mac you’ll need to purchase an ODBC connector for MSSQL link.

For MySQL the Xojo native plugin works very well for my in-house projects. I haven’t tried the Oracle or Postgres plugins.

@Tanner Lee: no web development (with database) ?

No. Years ago I did a lot of Dreamweaver/CodeIgniter/PHP dev, but never really liked it. Guess I’m too old school. I don’t trust ‘the cloud’ for reliability or security. IMHO, there are too many potential points of failure beyond my control. I stick to native apps and local servers wherever possible.

Tanner. I used to write loads of SQL server and Classic ASP as well as VB code hitting the database on local servers. I also don’t trust the cloud and don’t like not having as much control. Or, I should say being dependent on the Internet VS Lan, or Wan, etc…
I’ve been out of the IT business for some time due to health, but it seems to me the cloud is kind of like going back to the old days of main frames and mini computers with almost dumb terminals. I could be completely wrong, but it seems that way to me from what I’ve read. Again, I’m out of the IT business now and have not kept up on current tech, nor do I have a huge interest in doing so. :slight_smile:

@Tim Lee - if you are asking about database admin tools: I am on a Mac and use SequelPro to admin MySQL databases and SQLiteManager to admin my encrypted sqlite databases for my Xojo applications.