What controls the tooltip in plugin control?


What controls the Tooltip in Plugin control ?

Canvas for example has tool tip, and Xojo’s Bevel button which is technically plugin.

While my plugin control gets the property for the tooltip but does not display it.



Ok so…

It seems this worked in 2019r1…

My controls show “Help Tag” property…but Xojo’s Bevel button shows “Tooltip” and not Help Tag. So how do I get controls to show Tooltip ? And have the Tooltip working on new Xojo versions after the change ?

App.ShowToolTip ?
App.HideToopTip ?


you mean that ? it has moved lately to App.*

Added in 2019r2

Edit there is also:

Maybe @Greg_O_Lone can take a look?

No the problem is that on Plugin Control the Property browser shows “Help Tag”…if you use that then that does nothing on APIv2 Xojo.

Property browser does not show “Tooltip” the new property. But you can in the Open event do me.Tooltip = “Some tooltip”

And that will work.

So the question is how should plugin control hide “Help tag” and show “Tooltip”, I know it can be done since Xojo’s own Bevel button does it and that one is technically a Plugin control. Its something they forgot to document I am guessing.

Sounds like a plugin loading problem when the IDE reads the plugins definition and its not mapping the Help Tag to the new property

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You can probably hide it trough the “inspector behaviour” in the ide but i’m not sure about doing this inside a plugin. Maybe you have some control over these properties (same as hiding trough the inspector behaviour) using the plugin sdk but i’m not sure where you can look…

I dont think that can be the case since Help Tag comes from the Base class, Rect control. So there is no “Help Tag” in the plugin it self.

Both the Help Tag and Tooltip properties belong to the baseclass.

Isn’t it possible to call REAL call method from the app class:
“Hide()” and “show(…params…)” ?
Because there can only be one tooltip at a time as far as i know

Your misunderstanding, the problem is not showing the tooltip. Tooltip is handled by the baseclass RectControl. And it does work.

The problem is what is shown in the property browser. Xojo incorrectly shows the old property for plugins, and the old one does not work.

Making the only way to set the new property is to set it in code like me.Tooltip = “Some tip” in the open event.

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Filed it as bug report, I really don’t know how or where to communicate SDK issues with them:

61207 - Plugin controls show Help Tag instead of the new Tooltip in property browser


Oh but of course it is :slight_smile: