What are the minimum GTK/GLIB elements to install on a KDE system?

I have a customer with a LOT of product being forced to consolidate all of their Linux systems to Fedora/KDE on the desktops. I’ve gotten their CIO to recognize that while they may not want to have the users running GNOME as the desktop, there are too many applications that they use which require GTK/GLIB to NOT have the runtime libraries installed.

Has anyone taken a look at the bare minimum GTK/GLIB packages that a Xojo app will require to function as expected? I understand the basic gtk-3 and cairo packages, but what else? They will not simply install gnome*.

I don’t know what the full dependency list is, but it might be worth a shot to install something “light” like Gnumeric which seems to be a GTK-3 only application. It’s only build requirement is a C compiler which I’d assume is already installed.


If one is feeling truly masochistic :wink: there’s more detailed info about building GTK3 here: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/gtk-building.html

Thanks, Tanner, but this has to be something that the customer can use yum to install. We can’t ask them to build anything, and the package(s) has to come from the standard Fedora repos.

Too bad. I’m a Slackware guy so this info would be helpful to me too. For now, I just roll out Mint or Raspbian and be done with it.

Create a Fedora KDE VM and check if:

sudo yum install glib2 libgcc libstdc++ gtk3 webkitgtk3

… works and solves your problem. :wink:


Actually, it’s easier than that -

sudo dnf install gtk3-devel

Does it all.

The dnf tool replaced yum for newer Fedora distro versions.