What about Tabpanel and Pagepanels

Hi, just wondering, will there every be tabpanel and pagepanel for the web app ?

Or is it new page for each tab ? instead…

just wondering… I just love the pagepanel/tab panel and use containers on them. Such a great way to devide a multipage application… so what about web ?

Use Container Controls for each ‘tab’ or page. Then in your page code you can programmatically switch them out. This is what we do. In fact, we use containers even more in web than we do in desktop controls. They’re functionality is very cool and easy to use.

Will there ever be tab and page panel controls on the web? I don’t know. Xojo has said they will convert the web framework over to use the new style API and I’d imagine they have a number of things on the plate. But, only they can tell you for sure and they’re not saying much about it at this point.

OK! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks

OK, can I ask you how ?

Do you assing (embed) them all in the webpage.open event and set them all to invisible or do you do a emebed on all toolbar action. ?

is it wise to embed all on start en then turn on / off visebilty…?

I’ve done it both ways. One reason to add them dynamically at runtime is if they are really full of controls. Adding the containers at design time and making them invisible still means that the objects are sent down to the browser all at once (even tho invisible) which can be slow. So you trade the upfront speed for the speed hit when the user hits the tab.

So, bottom line is that your needs will vary depending on the application.

I second Bob Keeney’s comments.

I generally have the all on the page and invisible. There’s some kind of control that allows the user to flip between them. I also have an “activate” method on each (they’re all subclassed from the same superclass), which loads data and does final set up before showing the user. So while the controls are sent down initially, data is not retrieved until it’s needed.

Daniel Taylor’s WebCustomControls has a very nice jQueryTab Tab Panel. I’m in the process of integrating it into one of my apps. The cost of his controls is $150. Brock Nash just put out a library of free jQuery controls that includes a jQueryTab control. I think Daniel’s controls are more complete as they have a full API behind them and you don’t really need to know about the underlying javascript requirements.