What a great community - and thanks!

I don’t see it often on this or other forums, but I would like to thank the Xojo community.

Through the use of this forum, the Xojo documentation and Xojo Youtube videos, I was able to successfully get my application running the way I wanted. I was working on a personal project (Solvent Dispensing tracker) to convert some Excel VBA and data into a application using SQLite.

I have been using Xojo on and off since 2008 when I came across RealBasic after getting my first iMac. I have used it to write a few small utilities to integrate with other applications at a former workplace.

I am by no means a professional programmer. I am more of a hobbyist since starting back in the early 1980’s with a Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 64!

I mostly just lurk around on this forum picking up tips and tricks.

There are a few members I would like to mention whose indirect advice and informational postings helped me complete my project.

Eugene Dakin: I purchased and used your book “I Wish I Knew How to … Program SQLite with Xojo API2”. Very helpful to get the SQL syntax correct for accessing my Sqlite database. Plus a fellow Canuck and scientist.

Rick A: I always like reading your responses and the in-depth knowledge that you share on the forum.

Jeff Tullin: I made use of your explanation/pseudo code of how to place my database file properly in the Applications Folder.

There are probably other’s I have not mentioned, but the forum community as a whole is a great resource! Thank you all.


Xojo definitively have the best community ever. :heart:


You had me at …

Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 64



Great post and congrats on completing your application.

This is a great community, and I often think about writing posts thanking everyone here. I am also guilty of lurking quite a bit, and hope I contribute more in the future.

The only other resource that I will add, is I think the Xojo Blog is often full of great tricks and tips.

Sometimes I have trouble remembering where I came across information and end up searching here, the docs and the blog, knowing that I read it somewhere.

I kind of wish the best of the Xojo blog would get rolled into the docs, and that the doc pages could have comments on them (kind of like the PHP.net docs), so that when researching how to do something, all of the information would be in one place.

Thanks for the post, and I also started out with a Vic 20 and moved to a C-64, when I was a kid.