What 32bit apps do I have on my system?

This is a question that needs to be answered before you install Mojave… and here is a chunk of code to help you do so

If will create a list on your desktop of all the apps that are 32 bit. The Shell actually returns a ton more data, but at this point all I think is important is the what and where of each app. On my system over 50% of the apps are part of Microsoft 2011

Dim sh As New shell
Dim s As String
Dim v() As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim x As Integer
sh.Execute "system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType | grep -B 6 -A 2 "+ChrB(34)+"(Intel): No"+ChrB(34)//+" > ~/Desktop/non64bit.txt"
s=ReplaceAll(s,ChrB(9)," ")
For i=v.Ubound DownTo 0
   If Left(s,9)<>"Location:" Then 
       v.remove i
   End If
Next i
Dim txt As TextOutputStream
Dim f As FolderItem
f=SpecialFolder.Desktop.child("List of 32bit Apps.txt")
txt.writeline "You have "+Str(v.Ubound)+" 32 bit applications on this system"
txt.writeline "These will most likely cease to operate once the Mojave OS is installed."
txt.writeline "------------------------------------------------------------------------"
txt.Write s

And if you do not want to do it in Xojo, just write system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType | grep -B 6 -A 2 "(Intel): No" > ~/Desktop/non64bit.txt in your Terminal. :wink:

But i like your idea @Dave S
Thank you for sharing your Code with us.

which is what this does, it just adds the parsing out of the name, and sorting it…

We know. We see the Code. But i am lazy and booting up Xojo takes ages :wink:

In Germany we like to say that using Xojo for this would be like “Shoot sparrows with cannons”. But it’s always nice to see/share Code with others in this Forum. We all can learn from those Snippets.

So, thank you (again) :smiley:

Ok… I guess… but running that as a complied app is sure faster and more convienent (for me at least) that logging into terminal an pasting the command then wading thru the ton of data that (I at least) consider useless… but like all the things I post… use it or don’t either way is fine

haha cool, we say “use a sledgehammer to crack a nut” :slight_smile:

Thank you for the code. I haven’t used shell yet, so this is good for learning.

I wonder about this:

[quote=407732:@Dave S]

... txt.writeline "These will most likely cease to operate once the Mojave OS is installed." ... [/quote]
I read some posts from people that installed Mojave and they are not getting a warning (for 32bit apps). Do you have reports if some (most?) 32bits apps don’t work with Mojave?

Not sure why I was thinking this (utterly convinced as a matter of fact) the High Sierra was the last to support 32bit and they all shut down as of Mojave… turns out that doesn’t seem to be true… Still no use in waiting to the last minute (late 2019 perhaps)

I would agree, better to start the move sooner rather than later. It also gives you a wider timeframe to gather resources necessary if license upgrades (read: fees) are in order to achieve the upgrade. Easier to spread out a financial cost like that, rather than do it last minute when Apple finally pulls the trigger and forces 64bit only.

I just run System Information from About This Mac and sort the list of applications.

Moniteur d’activité (unknow US name) gives that too, for running applications.

BTW: Who use Microsoft application(s) nowaday ?

I do not use any since 1992-08 ~

activity monitor

Where I come from, it is “kill a fly with a bazooka” (in French, of course: “tuer une mouche avec un bazooka”) Either way, a messy proposition…

A quick search will reveal that the desktop Os market share is about 88% Windows and 9% MacOS. So, it would mean that roughly about 10 times as many people use Microsoft tools than Apple tools. You dropped Microsoft applications long ago? good for you. There seems to be still a sizeable market for them.

Too bad for me… while I hate Microsoft… I much prefer Office 2011 to Number, OpenOffice etc…
Don’t use Word or Powerpoint, but you can’t get Excel without them anymore :frowning:

Can’t say I am a big fan of Microsoft business practices either, but in my world MS applications are unavoidable. As a freelance, I need to buy my own. And to keep up, because many customers do. It is “part of doing business”.

The latest incarnation of LibreOffice does a pretty good job opening, editing and saving MS format files. The UI takes some getting used to, but is functional enough. I always have an up to date copy on a linux box. I dream of the day when I don’t pay through the nose for licences…

I forget to say that I do not need all those (MS Office) applications.

Beside macOS updates (until it went free), the only paying software that I use all these years is… REALbasic, Real Studio, Xojo (in Standard, Pro, MacOS/macOS and Windows versions).

LibreOffice ? I have it. The last time I really used it was some years ago to compare my “spreadsheet generated data” to graphics generated images in LibreOffice, until I trashed the project: LibreOffice is Free and do the job: why reinventing the wheel ? (curiosity). Previous time was with the DataBase and I never was able to use it, I started to use REALSQLDatabase, SQLIte Data Base…

macOS ? I stopped at El Capitan (I downloaded Mojave, I installed High Sierra and run it yesterday…)

Word Processor ? I use TextEdit… Image Processing ? I use Preview or Gimp (task oriented)…
Presentation software ? Never used anything else… Persuasion was my prefered. Never fired Keynote (nor Numbers, Pages, iPhotos, etc. or only for a check). I paid gold for AppleWorks and nearly never used the spreadsheet, the db, the communication… parts; only the word processor then (on my first computer, an Apple //c 128 KB, 3.5" ext. floppy).)

I am not the common user.

Back to 64 Bits… Windows XP existed in 64 Bits ! My latest Windows machine was delivered with WIndows 8.1 64 Bits. I only know because I downloaded a MS application (MICE) that creates panorama from two to many photos and it existed in two versions (32 and 64 Bits)…