WFS: This item does not exist?

Just tried the latest WFS (3.1) in the latest Xojo on my Mac. I get a “This item does not exist”

[code]Sub Constructor(owner as Window)
ConstructorHelper( owner.Handle, owner.GrowIcon ) <- here

// Now we need to subclass the window
WndProcHelpersWFS.Subclass( owner, me )
End Sub[/code]

What now???

P.S. Starts up fine in RS2012 R1.2

GrowIcon was removed. See

Short answer: Replace it with owner.Resizeable.

Thanks - had to replace it by hand as a find/replace still resulted in an “item not found”.

IF there is an issue with WFS, fork it, make the appropriate changes, and request a pull request, and we will merge it back into the master.

That assumes I’m using version control which I am not (yet).

very very true

I would encourage you to use some for of version control.