Welcoming more pre-release testers

This year, we are looking to expand our pool of testers for pre-release versions of Xojo. Over time we have been contacted by users- who do not have a Xojo Pro or Enterprise license- asking if there was a way for them to help test. Since more testing can benefit both the tester- and all of us as a community- we are expanding our testing group.

It should be noted that a Xojo Pro or Enterprise license today grants access to pre-release versions that we put up for testing, regardless of any criteria here. We are just allowing more opportunity for those without that license benefit to apply to join the testing group.

If you’d like to join, here’s our basic criteria:

-Be on the forum. If you’re reading this- you’ve already met this one!
-You have a current Xojo license.
-You have filed a Feedback case. If you haven’t filed a Feedback case before, but want to apply- go ahead and do so now. You can read about Feedback here: http://developer.xojo.com/using-feedback

If you meet these criteria and want to join the testing group, please email us at support@xojo.com and let us know. Acceptance is at Xojo’s discretion, and we won’t necessarily be able to let everyone in immediately. But we’d love to hear from anyone who uses Xojo regularly and wants to help make it better for all of us in the community.

Edited October 2020:
To clarify two points:

  1. A paid, current Xojo license is required to participate
  2. Enterprise is now Xojo Pro Plus