Weird issue with framework crash - most of the fields and some windows are yellow

Hello guys,

Maybe some of you got same issue and could help me , i have a crash report 40958, that drives me nuts and it`s not the first time that happens.

Shortly i added on a window 2 labels i copy paste the name from another project again due to project corruption and it seems that on copy paste the name not always gets saved after a enter press so i added another label , pasted same name, and it told me that the name exist and that if i press yes it will make a control set, doing that fast and not reading the info i pressed yes and i wake up with 2 controls with same name,

I deleted the original one and the framework crashed, it throw that crash report and once i save it and restarted the IDE i got a popup that one project was not saved and that if i want to restore it, having the work for the last 2 days i said yes, once i did that it start loading and then i see the disaster, All the windows and the input fields are yellow, so far something like 60% of the inputs and windows are yellow, its not the first time when it happens but mostly are small sides like one field or so and i delete them create new one and done but now its to much.

The funny part is that in the dev time all are ok and the issue appears only in the run time when the app is running, in the code part the colour is white but once i press run all becomes yellow.

Any idea how to fix this issue or i have to restore a old version from git and start to redo all what i worked the past 2 days again ?

Thanks a lot and waiting for ideas.

A known issue :frowning: