Weird bug of the day: Windows + Control Key Will Trigger Some Menu Item Shortcuts

If you press Windows and Control (such as when switching desktops), it’ll activate any menuItem in your app that uses “Control [” as the keyboard shortcut. There might be other shortcuts affected.

Not a huge bug but a strange one.

I assume there’s no workaround other than not using that shortcut.

Report and sample project to try: feedback://showreport?report_id=68137

Are-you sure this is not a Windows 10 shortcut ?

The only code in the project is a MessageBox (Edit Menu).

I had that long time ago, but with a HTMLViewer, and that was part of the control (same shortcut / windows appears in IE).


It’s possible though hitting control [ without the app does nothing.

However even if it was, it’s control-Windows that triggers the app, not the app shortcut triggering something in Windows.