Wednesday Xojo Hangout (2020-09-23)

Xojo Wednesday Hangout
Topic: Nothing specific.
Time: 2020-09-23T18:00:00Z (40 minutes, local time)

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Meeting ID: 879 4704 1798

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I’m excited.

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Thanks Kem! :slight_smile:

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This starts in 3 minutes!

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I have a Zoom Pro account if you want me to host next time? No 40 minutes limit…

It was discussed early and the consensus is that the 40m limit is actually good.

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Ah ok, my bad.

Thanks Rod! We appreciate the offer, if we didn’t have the 40 minute time limit we would talk all day, especially about food! :slight_smile:


What you mean is you’ve now witnessed how I never shut up and don’t want to give me more opportunity to talk! :laughing: