WebView2ControlMBS on multiple windows

I’ve got 2 windows, each with a Webview2ControlMBS on it. The first window loads a webpage and after the navigation complete it opens the second window (Window2.Show). After the webpage loads for Window2 I cannot click any controls on Window1. It’s like Window2 won’t let control switch. I can click in the webpage on Window2 but when I try to click something on Window1 it just gives a sound like it does when the message box pops up. Not sure if it makes a difference but both windows are a movable modal, I did this to remove the title bar from them. This is my first time using 2 windows in a xojo app so I’m probably missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

It does make a difference ! Since Windows 2 is modal, when it is shown from Windows 1, it blocks any interaction with Windows 1.

You talk about Windows, but talk about webpage. Are you talking about a Web application ? If so, then your Windows are in fact Web Pages.

Thanks Gilles, that makes sense. This is not a web app but just a windows application

Thanks for answered quicker than me.