WebView2ControlMBS and RemoteControlMBS.WinMouseClick

I’m trying to simulate a mouse click in the WebView2ControlMBS and can not get it to work. It will move the mouse but not click on the location. It returns true like it has clicked but does not. One example I have tried is trying to click on a HTML5 video within the WebView2ControlMBS. I’ve tried the RemoteControlMBS.WinMouseClick and RemoteControlMBS.MouseClick. This is a windows app. Is this even possible in the WebView2ControlMBS?

Well, coordinates are right?

And I have no idea whether WebView2ControlMBS would in Microsoft’s code ignore remote clicks.

Thanks for your reply Christian. Yes the coordinates are right, it moves the cursor to the position. One example I try it moves the cursor to the correct spot, I know this because the button enlarges a little when there is a mouse over so it recognizes the position and the mouse over but it will not actually click on WebView2ControlMBS. Not sure if this is also the reason there is no GotFocus for WebView2ControlMBS. The HTMLViewer has a GotFocus so you can set focus to it and then sendkeys to text input on the webpage. WebView2ControlMBS does not.

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