WebToolBarMenu Styles?

Is it possible to apply a style to the WebToolBarMenu natively? I cannot seem to find a Style property in the docs for this class.

It natively appears to have a blue border. …

@Greg O’Lone

Whenever you get a moment, if you could let me know if menu styles are supported I’d appreciate it.

By the way great release! Best yet :slight_smile:
Thanks Xojo Team!

Doesn’t “ItemStyle” in the WebToolBar settings work for what you need?

[quote=120542:@Matthew Combatti]@Greg O’Lone

Whenever you get a moment, if you could let me know if menu styles are supported I’d appreciate it. [/quote]
They’re not. There’s a feature request for a redesign to make them look more like actual menus and to make them styleable, but I haven’t had time yet. :slight_smile:

Edit- Awesome thanks Greg. You replied just as I did. Always like to stress that it’s not a complaint, just an idea to keep in mind later on. Everyone has a want, wish, and a need :-p As always, greatful for you taking time to reply. Thank You!

Problem is, I’ve set a style for the toolbar itself… looks great. If I set ItemStyle, each button on the toolbar suddenly changes it’s appearance even though they’ve already been stylized by the toolbar style (this is unwanted and makes everything look very ugly…horrendous…frightening… maybe even repugnant (its bad)). That’s why I’m wondering if somehow I missed that WebMenuItem or WebToolBarItem has a Style property or some native way of adding a style to the menu (so I don’t currently have to utilize my DOM-hack method to manually style the menu (which could break in future releases due to the framework.)
IMO - style itself for WebToolbar should universally apply to the toolbar and all buttons “up” state (done), with a separate style for a button-up state, should the user define one, otherwise fallback to toolbar style (missing). Toggled style, should be for buttons only, on toggle-on or non-toggle mousedown, and the toggle disabled style for a disable button (Done). A menu, being different than the webtoolbar (class with a style), or a webtoolbarbutton (class with a style), even having its own class name, should have its own style property (missing). The current method is comparable to saying, whatever color I chose to buy a new car, that’s the same color the interior is going to be (I don’t want my interior to match my exterior in most car buying situations) Not complaining about the current methodology, but see one major flaw that could eventually be fixed in later releases. That’s why I was hoping somewhere, somehow, I had missed a method to natively style the webmenuitem.

Perhaps another great feature request would be for the toolbar separator bars. It’s a black dotted line currently. Perhaps a color property and solid property?

I gave up on the webtoolbar quite some time ago. I know in the past it was pretty unusable on a touch devices (this might be fixed now) and with all the restrictions I found creating WebContainers within WebContainers to be far more powerful way to create toolbars. The only advantage I’ve found with the toolbar is that the ToolbarButtons nicely and properly size their button icon and label. This is hard to achieve with webContainers and variably lengthed labels. Creating a customerWebControl can put them as a series of divs that get proper spacing but then you can’t use webContainers embed method with your customWebControl unless you hack the dom.

Have you tried using the webtoolbar and adding webcontainers as the buttons and then setting those webcontainers’ styles?

Hey @Greg O’Lone ,

I was wondering if you had time to make it possible to change the WebToolbarMenu blue border?

If you plan to redesign it, that would be even better…