WebToolbar.Visibility strangeness

I have a WebToolbar to which I’m dynamically adding buttons at Shown time (only once; I check if Shown has been run before and return without doing anything if so), using code like this:

myWebToolbar.Visible = false for i as integer = 0 to zillions Dim b as new WebToolbarButton // setup the button myWebToolbar.append b next myWebToolbar.Visible = true

I turn its visibility off before I start appending buttons, on the theory that this should be faster. However, it’s not. I still observe the buttons marching slowly (relatively – it takes about a second for the all icons to draw) across the toolbar as they get instantiated. Visibility seems to mean nothing here. I’ve checked inside the loop, and visibility of the toolbar is still false.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some better way of creating a dynamic toolbar without having the user watch the icons being slowly drawn? These are not big icons; I have 32x32, 64x64 (@2x) and 96x96 (@3x) pixel icons.

And why doesn’t visibility=false seem to mean anything to the WebToolbar?


By the way, I also tried putting the “build the toolbar” code into the Toolbar’s Open event, which I assumed was a big no-no, but it didn’t fail; in fact it looked exactly the same, slowly drawing the button icons across the Toolbar.