WebToolbar menu header not working in 2022R3


This was working in 2022R2 but seems it’s not working properly in R3

Var AppointmentMenu As New WebMenuItem( "Citas" )
AppointmentMenu.Style = WebMenuItem.Styles.Header

Any ideas why?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What does mean “not working” ? We need more information to help you.

Is there a compilation error, is an exception raised, other ?


Hello @Gilles_Plante . By not working I mean it does not display the menu Header as expected. No errors or exceptions raised, no warnings at compile, it just does not display the Header as it does correctly in 2022R2 and previous.

See WebToolbarMenu — Xojo documentation

Create a new Issue and upload a sample project.

You should see WebMenuItem — Xojo documentation

Hector isn’t doing anything wrong. If the code he shared isn’t creating a header the functionality has broken.

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Update: Because Hector is a friend, I’ve gone and confirmed this has broken in R3.

Ping @Ricardo_Cruz

The DOM object is missing its contents:


Sorry for pointing in the wrong direction :confused:.

Thank you, can somebody please create a new Issue for this, with the sample project? :pray:t2:

Thanks @Tim_Parnell ! You are awesome

Hector, can you create and upload a sample project to Issues?

Ye @AlbertoD , I’ll upload it later today. Thanks for the interest in helping this issue get fixed :slight_smile:


Will do!

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