WebToolbar Hamburger Menu, What is it called and how can I hide it?

What do we call this menu and how can I hide the darn thing?

Even if I have no menus or buttons in the toolbar, it still shows up on mobile or on a small desktop window.

Annoying little borger.

At least under Android, the hamburger menu will appear for all apps, unless specifically removed by the Android app.

In your case, I guess you are using the default Chrome browser.

For Desktop, only Chrome shows the hamburger menu.

This may help:

What do you have?
Can you use something else instead the WebToolbar?

I’m only using the title and clicked function. I suppose I could use something else. Kinda like using it though for consistency with other pages where I do use more of the toolbars functions.

You can open an Issue for this.
The Hamburger Menu should not show if the WebToolbar has no menus/buttons/labels.

#71612 - WebToolbar without menu should not show the Hamburger menu

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