Is there anyway to format an input in a web text field without using textchange event. For example say I was entering a license key which was 3 digits a dash and 3 letters


Is there a way I can format the entry so they can only type numbers - ship the dash and then only letters, eg format the input.

there are three ways:
you use the webtextfield and the keydown-event, which fires every time a key on the keyboard is hitted. With this you can split the tyoed values after 3 digits and set the text property to the splitted value.

But this is not working really well with poor internet connection, because the server “calculates” the new textinput and overwrites what was before in the box. So if your user types very fast on slow network, his entries could be overwritten.

You use a custom control for masked text inputs, like the “GraffityWebfieldMask” from here: https://graffitisuite.com/features/web-edition/

You can write your own Webcontrol, using the WebSDK