WebTabPanel - Control alignment


I am experiencing something strange with the WebTabPanel in Xojo Web.

Here’s the issue:

  1. Add a TabPanel that has two panels in it.
  2. In the first panel, drag 'n drop some controls in it.
  3. Switch to the second panel.
  4. Drag and drop some new controls in it – and you’ll see that they try to auto-align to the controls in the first panel instead, which makes it difficult to create arrangements.

(Normally, the contents that are stored in each panel don’t interfere with the contents of a different panel.)

Is it just me experiencing this issue? Is this a bug?

Thank you.

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This is well known and I (plus maybe more) have Feedback Requests about it. It affects all controls, not just WebTabPanels.


I suspect (and I think it was written somewhere but can’t find this at the moment) that these bugs will involve a larger “re-write”, more than can be put into a point-release. Having worked with such embedded controls with python and HTML I can understand why ;-).

Nevertheless, I agree that it is a nasty bug. It will a big competitive advantage when Xojo gets this fixed, as this is exactly a RAD feature that is not easy to mimic with any other Web language as they are almost all missing any IDE-like approach (or are buggy as well).

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You should declare the TabPanel index in the control to be sure he will stay in his panel and not showing up somewhere else.

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Hello Stefano,

How do you do this?