WEBSTYLE: Can I change a property by code?

I have a Style which Font Size is em= 1 and it is applied to a WebLabel.
Can I change this value by code and update the Label?
Thanks for any help.

you can currently only run javascript to change the CSS.

Thanks Christian.
I just wanted to be sure I didn’t forget anything.

Hi - found myself back here after a LONG time.

Can you not make 2 Webstyles to reflect the different states and set the labels style property in code? Quick test suggests you can.

Label.Style = WebStyleName

(Don’t know if this requires a round trip to the server though)

Thanks Patrick,
I’ve not checked it yet but I’m sure that what you suggest works.

The problem is I want to do it by code because I don’t know which is the value of “em”. I must calculate it at the moment.
So, I can not prepare another Style in advance (IDE) and swap it.

Welcome back, Pat!

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I’m not seeing that. Can you post a screenshot?

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