Webstyle at Runtime

Dear all,

I want to create WebStyles at runtime and set its propierties from a Database.

I can Create a new Webstyle, but I’m not able to add propierties to this one.

Can someone help me?

This is not possible. Please fill a feature request.

Where can i fill a feature request?

Web Custom Controls provides full support for this. There’s a module with methods that let you change CSS styling for both WebStyles and controls (directly) at runtime. And there’s a WebStyleTD class which can be created at runtime.

Please note that WebStyleTD does not inherit from WebStyle. So you can’t use the IDE style editor on it, and you assign it to a control using a method rather then the normal property. On the other hand, you can assign multiple WebStyleTDs to a control, and you can assign them across sessions. One WebStyleTD can be used to change styling across controls in multiple open sessions.

If you have a fixed set of WebStyles already in your project and you just need to load changes to them at runtime, use the module methods and set their properties directly. If you’re starting from scratch and/or will have a variable number of styles to create, load, and apply from the database, then use WebStyleTD.

Use the Feedback application. You can download it at: http://xojo.com/download/extras.php .

Please keep in mind that changing WebStyles at runtime is not supported and may cause other issues with the web framework.