are websockets available in 2013 R1 ? if not, is there a timeline ?

thank you in advance !

We had implemented WebSockets before the spec was finished and the protocol has since changed. We will update it when we get a chance.

Greg, I ve downloaded 2013 r3.3 and 've found nothing from the language reference literature, about webSockets.
I wonder whether it is available or not as I really need to develop a Win/Mac app that supports this communication method.

First of all, websockets was just for web apps, not desktop.

Unfortunately we haven’t had time to reimplement the final protocol yet.

is highly anticipated.

I was wondering does the desktop HTML viewer not use the native installed browser…?

If the engine is set to Native, then yes.

Greg so taking the from Websocket Echo Test html from websocket.org

I save as a local html file and then load into the Html viewer control. I don’t get an echo response using the control but i do outside of the Xojo framework in my native browser.

Any idea’s…?


Which platform are you on?

I have written an application that integrates a websocket capable server with Xojo. It is an open source project, the source code is available at https://github.com/v-control/V-Control_GPL.git The project page http://www.v-control.com