Websocket idle disconnect

I am using websockets_mtc (Thanks Kem).

It appears I need to ping the server to keep the connection alive.

Should I just create a timer and send a ping?

What’s the best practice here?
I am using Aloe 4.1 as for the server ( Thanks TIm D)


Using websockets_mtc myself, use a timer to trigger the method ping.

You will also want to check the last time you received a pong, and close the connection if you don’t get one.

I replicated the send timer to come up with the code below,

I have added the code below to the constructor and it seems to work but cause periodic reconnects.
I moved the code to the connect method and it appears I have the same periodic reconnects.


[code]PingTimer = new Timer
PingTimer.Mode= timer.ModeMultiple
PingTimer.Period =200000

AddHandler PingTimer.Action, WeakAddressOf PingTimer_Action