WebSlider behavior

I am trying to use a WebSlider to select a value between zero and five in a vertical direction. When I access the app on my iPhone the slider will not slide. It will only “jump” to the selected value when I touch near the selected value. If I touch the “button” on the slider and try to slide it will not move and it appears that the whole browser tries to slide up or down.

When running from Safari dragging it with the mouse causes it to jump to the next integer increment value as the mouse moves more than halfway to that next increment.

Is this because the direction is vertical? Any thoughts on how to have it slide?

Don’t have an answer I’m afraid, but I can confirm exactly the same problem and have not found a way round it.
I’m testing on an iPad.

Setting the ‘live step’ property for the slider has no effect on it. I also notice ‘flashes’ as the control up dates which is not very good
Running in Safari on an Macbook, and the slider functions correctly.
I did a test with the same thing via JQuery and this worked ok when accessed from an iPad.

I was going to post separately about WebSlider not working in Chrome 48.0.2564.103 m but I think it might be related to this problem.

Just put a WebSlider on a WebPage (LiveStep off by default). Run in Chrome => slider cannot be dragged but it can be moved by clicking over slider bar. Run in IE 11 => it works by dragging. Run in Safari 5.1.7 => it works by dragging.

Any idea why? Does a feedback case need to be created?

I determined that this WebSlider-not-dragging problem is influenced by a setting in Chrome. Go to chrome://flags and search for “touch.” The first flag that comes up is “Enable touch events” and if this is set to either Automatic (default) or Enabled, the dragging for the slider will not work. If you set this flag to Disabled the slider dragging will work.

In any case, please note that other sliders seem to work with “Enable touch events” set to Automatic or Enabled. Check out these demos:


and this:


and this:


Doesn’t this mean that this is a Xojo issue? I plan to file a bug report with both Chrome and Xojo.

Feedback case 42485