Websession to reload a page on a IPC socket data availabe event

Well… the title says it all… How do I get a session to reload a certain page on a IPC socket data availabe event ?

thanks for your help

What have you tried already, and how is it failing?

What do you mean by “reload a certain page” ?

Do you want to refresh it’s content ? Then no need to reload the page itself. Simply update the controls.

Read, or ReadAll the data, and update the page accordingly.

It’s important to note that like all socket controls, an IPCSocket’s events run on the main thread and will have no idea which session they belong to.

If the data affects all sessions that’s easy, just create a method on the Session object and loop through the sessions and call the method on each one.

If the data needs to go to a specific session, I suggest subclassing IPCSocket and adding a string property to store the Session Identifier. Then you can use the same technique I described above, just that you call the method on the session that matches the stored Identifier.

hey guys thanks for your help…

As many other times where I got stuck in a problem I found the solution a little after I posted here… which is something like Greg suggested…

@Michel Bujardet : By reload a certain page I ment ‘refresh the content’ :slight_smile: