webSegmentedControl style

I try to put a webSegmentedControl with 5 segments on a webpage.
StyleA will be connected to this webSC. This Style will center text.

When during the execution of the app, the textLabel of a segment is changed, the webSC disappears and all the labels are placed above eachother.

Is this a bug?


WebSegmentedControl is a hot mess. I rolled my own for Studio Stable Web Essentials. You’re welcome to purchase a license or, you could also roll your own with WebLabels.

Should I understand that you’re not using webSegmentedControls, but in stead webLabels?

You could use a series of pictures from the same WebSegmentedControl in an Image Well, with laid over each segment area, a webLabel. Then the mouseDown event in each label will be like the Action event of an individual pushbutton.

You will need to manage the “selected” appearance for each segment by switching pictures in the ImageWell upon click.

No need to draw a new control : set the current WebSegmented control with no text in the segments and capture the screen images after clicking each segment.