WebSDKUIControl not rendered when on page or tabpanel

Every SDK-Control I tested (even those from the examples) are not rendered when on a PagePanel or Tabpanel. There is the general div-container, and the Javascript(-file) is loaded. But seems like the Script would not be executed. What am I doing wrong?


Nothing wrong. Please file an Issue.

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It looks like a bug in those examples, the Gravatar example works fine when embedded in tabs.

Edit: I’ll create the Issue, thanks!


Ok, cool. Thank you for the answer.
If you find the Problem within the examples, could you please tell me what it is? My own Controls are also not rendered.

The case number is #75389.

Sure, I’ll probably attach the updated examples in that bug report, but I’d like to double check if it’s possible to fix this at a framework level, to avoid having to update your own controls.

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Seems like the JS-Constructor is not executed.
Gravatar-Example does:

            if (!img) {
                img = document.createElement("img");

Inside the render method. I build the Control inside the Constructor. That seems not to be executed.

I can see the constructor being executed in the examples, but the contents are being lost as soon as it’s moved into the tab panel.

Could you please double check by setting a breakpoint (or a console.log)?

Yes, correct. It’s beeing executed, and the Div seems to be reset to empty, when inserted into the panel.

I’m not 100% shure, but it doesn’t seem to be moved. For me it looks like the control/“div with this id” is completely new created, but the Javascript constructor-part is already done.

Then we’ll be able to fix it at a framework level without having to touch anything in your controls.