WebSDK2: properties with enumerations inside a pagepanel are white

I have some websdk. some with enumerated properties in the inspector behavior.
these properties become with no value (and none selectable anymore) if the sdkcontrol is inside a pagepanel or a tabpanel.
Capture d’écran 2021-10-27 à 23.40.23
if I duplicate the sdkcontrol, the enumerated property becomes usable.
it the sdkcontrol is not inside a tab or pagepanel, this doesn’t happen.

Make sure the properties have fully qualified types. That is, if the enumeration is on the control itself, it looks like this

myProperty as MySDKcontrol.myEnumName

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sorry this doesn’t seems to solve it.
It was effectively not fully qualified, now I added it
duplicate the websdk to have a fresh enumeration
and after some time with the project, it has become a white popup again…

well it seems really the association of pagepanel and containercontrol or websdkcontrol.
but here is new : the xojo control properties scrolldirection are also white

Capture d’écran 2021-11-24 à 16.58.01

if I duplicate the control, the popup menu repopulate normally. after certain time it becomes white again.
I have not been able to make a test project that fails, as you must use the project for some time to get it to fail.

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